A Frenchman blew up cannabis cultivation on Hanoi Island

By Pham Du June 8, 2021 | 16:00 GMT + 7

Cannabis plants found on Red River Island in Hanoi on June 5, 2021. Photo courtesy Hanoi Police Department.

A Frenchman in Hanoi was found renting 3,000 square meters of land on an island on the Red River to grow hundreds of cannabis plants, police said Tuesday.

Frederic Tiberghien, 55, currently works for a company in northern Yen Bai Province, according to Long Bien District Police.

Authorities discovered around 100 cannabis plants on the island last Saturday, along with a stash of dry weed. A total of 115 cannabis plants weighing around 34 kilograms and around 40 grams of dry grass were confiscated.

An investigation is ongoing.

Cannabis is on the list of narcotics banned in Vietnam. Those who grow cannabis on a small scale could face a fine of VND 2-5 million ($ 86.16-215.40). Farmers found that growing 500 to 3,000 plants could face prison sentences of six months to three years, while those working on a larger scale could face up to seven years in prison.

Globally, more and more countries and locations are legalizing the medical or recreational use of marijuana, including nearly 40 states in the United States.

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