A sleepy Northumberland man caught growing cannabis in his home fell asleep in court

A sleepy defendant who was caught growing cannabis twice in his home nodded off during his trial in the dock.

The sleepy Anthony Gormley claimed he was just “so tired” when a judge woke him up and told him to stay awake.

The 45-year-old pleaded guilty to producing cannabis after the Class B drug and remains of three plants were found in his Prudhoe home.

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Gormley fell asleep for the first time when the prosecutor outlined their case against him and said of District Judge Kate Meek, “Sit up, I need you to stay awake”.

But just two minutes later, while his own attorney was speaking in court, Gormley nodded again and caused the judge to shout “stay awake”.

He struggled to keep his eyes open and replied, “I’m sorry, I’m just so tired”.

Newcastle Magistrates’ Court heard that police were visiting Gormley’s house on Rolley Way in Prudhoe on April 4 this year to discuss another matter.

Prosecutor Rebecca Slade said he was asked if officers could search his address and he agreed.

Miss Slade continued, “A lot of cannabis and evidence of cannabis production has been found.

“In the interview, he admitted that he had grown a small amount of cannabis for his own use.

“Cannabis was found in numerous pots, there were cannabis leaves and cannabis plant roots in the ground. That was three plants.”

The court heard that Gormley, who had recorded 25 offenses, including three drug-related offenses, was sentenced to suspended sentence at the time.

Ian O’Rourke defended himself, saying Gormley had suffered from drug addiction in the past but had now dealt with it.

The lawyer added: “He has a secure job now, it’s a zero-hour contract, 7am to 7pm, four days on, four days off.”

The court was told that Gormley had been given a suspended sentence for possession of a knockout ring found in his van.

District Judge Meek sentenced him to a fine of £ 321: “I assume this was a very small operation – two to three plants.

“I give you credit for your admission of guilt.

The suspended sentence was also extended by a month and Gormley was sentenced to pay £ 85 in costs and a sacrifice surcharge of £ 34.

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