Anuvia Plant Nutrients and ATP Nutrition launch SymTRX ™, the first bio-based granular fertilizer in Canada

Anuvia has a strategic relationship with ATP Nutrition to sell and service SymTRX products in Canada.

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SymTRX offers agriculture enormous advantages, both from an economic and an ecological point of view. Key benefits producers can expect from using SymTRX include:

  • Improved Nutrient Efficiency – Over the past four years, university, farm and commercial studies have shown that the Organic MaTRX ™ technology in SymTRX reduces volatility and leaching, contributing to an average yield increase of over 5% over conventional fertilizers .
  • Increased soil health – SymTRX contains up to 16% organic matter. Research confirms an increase in the microbial activity of the soil, which improves both root mass and soil health.
  • Innovative, Sustainable Fertilizer – Unlike other fertilizers, SymTRX uses bio-based technology to deliver recycled organics along with 100% plant-available nutrients for more sustainable production. Studies confirm the environmental benefits with a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of up to 32%.
  • Easy to Mix and Apply – As a high quality, homogeneous, granular product, SymTRX offers an even distribution of nutrients, is easy to mix with other fertilizers, and goes well with existing application equipment.

“SymTRX technology will benefit producers and retailers in all areas Canada. Growers make decisions about plant use to help the harvest, but are also committed to soil health to safeguard their land’s heritage for generations to come. With superior performance, improved efficacy and soil health benefits, SymTRX offers ag retailers a way to differentiate themselves, “he says Jarrett Chambers, President, ATP Nutrition. “Both companies strive to offer producers scientifically sound, high-quality products that increase yield in a sustainable manner. We look forward to the added value this relationship brings for our customers.”

SymTRX deals with a central topic of our time – how the future demand for food can be met in a sustainable way. SymTRX brings benefits to both end users and the planet without hindering implementation. SymTRX operates within current user practices and technologies, making its use a turnkey part of achieving sustainable production goals.

About Anuvia plant nutrients
Anuvia Plant Nutrients makes highly efficient, sustainable bio-based fertilizers for agriculture, lawn and lawn care. Headquarters in Conservatory, Fla.The company developed and uses a unique technology that not only optimizes nutrient availability and efficiency for plants, but also improves soil health, conserves natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Anuvia is committed to providing customers, their communities and the global agriculture industry with easily actionable, profitable and sustainable solutions. This commitment recently earned Anuvia an honorable mention in the food category of the Fast Company 2019 World Changing Ideas Award. For more information on Anuvia Plant Nutrients – GreenTRX ™ for turf and turf, SymTRX for agriculture – please visit

About ATP Nutrition ATP Nutrition is a science-based plant inputs company dedicated to developing and commercializing high-performance biological, plant-based nutrients and analytical tools for crops in large areas. The synergistic effect of biologics and plant nutrition will provide the next wave of plant inputs to further increase the plants’ genetic potential. Our revolutionary R3 Agronomic Platform brings science and plant health together, turning them into an easy-to-use, simple tool that adds value to your business. Working with leading dealers and retailers, we, along with the technical team, provide easy access to the products to provide a wide range of agronomic advice. For more information, visit the company at and follow ATP Nutrition on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

SOURCE Anuvia Plant Nutrients

For more information: Sybil Jones, Sybil Jones + Company / Anuvia Plant Nutrients, (609) 903-0376, [email protected];; Carolin Chambers, Marketing Director, ATP Nutrition, (204) 287-2023, [email protected]

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