Cannabis Jacks, the fastest growing cannabis retail chain in Northern Ontario, puts the community first

“We are all getting old. We’re all fed up with the restaurant business. We wanted something new to get us going ‘

There are a number of cannabis retail stores across town, but Cannabis Jacks on Cassells wants to stand out by being part of the community it serves.

The store recently celebrated its grand opening.

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Tom Laronde, Co-owner of the local Cannabis Jacks, says he and his partner John Shelegey and Steve Beaudry were in the local restaurant business and owned a number of subway stores but felt the need to do something else.

“After 26 years we started selling our stores,” he says. then COVID Blow.

“We still had three stores that we kept open, had a small workforce that had been with us for a long time. We promised them wages and hours so they wouldn’t need them.” DEER. I cannot express how much support we have had from the people of North Bay. No employee missed a paycheck. We made sure they were busy until the end. “

But the three wanted a new adventure.

“We’re all getting old. We’re all fed up with the restaurant business. We wanted something new to get us going.”

To reward these long-time employees for their dedication, they offered jobs in their new Cannabis Jacks business, which now employs 12 people.

Laronde says the management team wanted to get involved in the community, so they hired a band for the grand opening and started raising money for the blackboard.

“I think every company should think about what they can do with the community. I think that’s our idea with Cannabis Jacks. It’s not just about making money. We want to be able to offer a service. They don’t want to hire people. We start our employees at $ 17 an hour. Other businesses don’t want to pay above the minimum wage, but that’s not our point. “

Laronde says he learned what customers want from gastronomy, and he is implementing that in the new business.

“People want a fresh product. We want good service. “

A wide range of customers come in the door.

“We have older people. We have middle aged people who have never tried it and that’s really exciting because we’re also learning. We want the support of the people in North Bay to feel good, be happy and be able to ask questions. The experience we want to give when customers walk into the store is a family experience. “

The three also want to help other small businesses in the city and support local organizations. Fire calendars are sold in-store, proceeds go to Community Living, and raffles have been held for local business products.

“We want to offer the opportunity to work with the community and to be part of it. We want to make a difference within the community. We want to help the community and be part of it.”

I’m looking forward to Laronde says cannabis beverages are a big part of the company’s future.

“That’s where people go instead of drinking alcohol. We have beverages that are like a cooler with 2.5 mg of THC up to 10 mg. There are some with flavors like lime, some with no calories, and some with no sugar taste like beer . A new one that comes out is like an IPA, “he exclaimed.

Michael Birch, CEO of Cannabis Jacks, said BayToday that the company has a strong focus on educating and expanding people’s knowledge of cannabis as they develop new products in the market.

“We’re going to see a wide range of new products. Right now we have the beverages and edibles, and these will continue to expand and grow the cannabis-infused product market. We have created a new perspective for cannabis retail where the guest is.” Experience is paramount and gives access to quality cannabis and supplies. “

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