CFS calls for hydroponics to be bio-approved

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  • As previously reported, after disagreements with the National Organic Standards Board over the ability of hydroponic systems to carry the organic label, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a statement in 2018 reiterating its policy that hydroponic farms should use organic Can make claims if they can demonstrate compliance with federal organic guidelines. That decision prompted the Center for Food Safety (CFS) and others to file a petition asking the agency to reverse course on the grounds that hydroponic farms cannot be certified as organic because they do not promote soil fertility and Do not improve the content of organic matter in the soil according to the Organic Food Production Act (OFPA).
  • The USDA rejected the petition in 2019, arguing that the soil fertility requirements cited by the petitioners only apply to production systems that use soil. In response, CFS and stakeholders filed a lawsuit against the agency’s rejection of the petition. On March 18, 2021, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California upheld the USDA’s motion for a summary judgment, ruling that the USDA was in favor of the National Organic Program in ruling that OFPA does not prohibit hydroponic systems to qualify has not made a mistake.
  • On October 4, 2021, CFS and stakeholders filed a lawsuit in the Ninth District Court of Appeals requesting that the District Court’s judgment be overturned. In its conclusion, the brief reads: “The district court has closed an illegal loophole in organic crop production that has deeply undermined its integrity. If it stands still, the decision not only creates a slide in the direction of contradicting organic standards, but also a dangerous administrative precedent. ”The contract highlights the environmental benefits of soil farming, in contrast to hydroponic systems, which“ simply don’t ‘improve soil fertility promote ‘”. We will continue to monitor all developments.
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