General Hydroponics introduces customizable, scalable feedcharts

General Hydroponics recently released new feed tables for many of the company’s basic nutrient lines, including the Flora series linked below. Why?

The methods and cultural practices of customers have developed rapidly in recent years. The fact is, breeders have never achieved higher yields or been more efficient.

To support the increased growth and method changes, General Hydroponics’ nutritional recommendations were also developed. The latest feedcharts are more versatile, scalable, and customizable than ever.

Each of the new charts now includes three nutrient levels designed for growers of all skill levels, with nutrient intake optimized for each nutrient level to ensure maximum performance and nutrient balance.

Basic nutrient line

+ Pro performance package

+ Adapted service package

Each of the new charts now offers three feed strengths: light, medium and aggressive to meet the needs of customers’ unique and evolving farming practices.

Click here to view a PDF of the Flora Series Feedchart

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