Growing cannabis in hydroponic shipping containers: A company wants to revolutionize hemp cultivation

Goods farms, a Companies focused on Creating ideal growing conditions for a wide variety of plants within the confines of 40 foot containers, has extended its brilliant concept to the cannabis industry.

Freight farmers are now able to use their protected environment, which includes the use of powerful indoor grow lights and water efficient hydroponic systems, to cultivate healthy cannabis plants in any setting without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Freight Farms also offers hemp farmers a unique opportunity to customize their plants by adjusting airflow conditions, nutrient levels, light exposure schedules and more via a high-tech app.

“As we see the adoption of cannabis continue to grow, we are investigating how we can offer breeders more differentiated cannabis products. We believe Freight Farms has a unique opportunity to bring precision and control to the cannabis industry. ” Jon Friedmann, Freight Farms Co-Founder and COO, said Benzinga. “We see our technology as an economical and accessible entry point for entrepreneurs who want to explore the market.”

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