Hollywood, music and sports stars come together to celebrate the growing cannabis industry on “Jeeter Day”

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 06: Ludacris performs on Jeeter Day at a private residence … [+] 11/06/2021 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images)

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Some of the greatest movie stars, music artists and professional athletes gathered in Los Angeles over the weekend, along with other passionate public supporters, with one happy goal in mind – to celebrate the growing cannabis industry and the high life that puns intended to live without excuse.

Last Saturday was Jeeter Day, a special holiday that celebrated the leading pre-roll cannabis company with a private outdoor event that consisted of video game tournaments, a stunning light show and live music.

“Jeeter Day should give something back to the fans and the Jeeter community as a whole,” said Lukasz Tracz, co-founder and co-CEO (with Sebastian Solano) at Jeeter, told me at Forbes. “The whole idea came from our customers who are so loyal to us. What can we do to give them back? Jeeter Day is literally a national holiday for customers and all people who use Jeeter. “

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 06: Lukasz Tracz, Dwyane Wade and B-Real (Louis Mario Freese) … [+] attends Jeeter Day at a private residence on November 06, 2021 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images)

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In America today, 18 states have passed laws legalizing recreational marijuana use, while medical cannabis use is legal in 37 states, a number that is expected to increase. When I asked Tracz what it means for him to see a continued surge in legalization across the country, he replied, “It’s about time. That’s all I have to say About time. When I was 17 I was selling weed and it was illegal and I got in trouble. To be able to do it legally now and see the progress. People use it as medicine. It’s definitely just cool to see culture and advancement in the cannabis industry as a whole. It’s good to see people starting to break the stigma and see cannabis as a normal thing. “

During the Jeeter Day event, which requires a vaccination, notable faces showed up in support including Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union, Demi Lovato and an electrifying performance by rapper Ludacris in front of an energetic crowd responsible for creating a collective mist of smoke to create the night sky from Jeeter products.

Demi Lovato stops by the Jeeter Day event in Los Angeles on Saturday.

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When I asked Tracz what it means to him that these loved ones show up to support their Jeeter brand, he replied, “We’re very humble guys. For us it is a community that Jeeters loves. We have a cool product and a cool brand and then it’s cool to see that the people we grew up with are actually like Hey, I want to use your products. “

One of the idolizing characters Tracz and his Jeeter team grew up with was Ricky Williams, a retired NFL running back and vocal cannabis fan who attended Jeeter Day. When I asked Williams why he came to the event and why he supports this particular company, he said to me, “First of all, for me it is the best product out there right now. When I go to my local pharmacy they know. I go in and they pull the jester out. And then when I found out that she [the Jeeter founders] are from South Florida and they are [Miami] Dolphins fans and I got to know them, they just took it to the next level. Just really good people and also brilliant, creative business people and they were an inspiration for me to get into this field. “

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 06: Ricky Williams visits Jeeter Day at a private residence on … [+] 11/06/2021 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images)

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Regarding Hollywood, music and sports stars who have been embracing the cannabis scene lately, Williams said, “I think it’s beautiful. I think the fight we’re all waging to make this thing mainstream is really being waged by mainstream institutions that take cannabis really seriously. “

While Ludacris rapped many of his cannabis-friendly hits like “Blueberry Yum Yum” and “Rollout” in front of a sea of ​​fans who sang along with every one of his lyrics, other music artists like Louis Mario Freese (aka B-Real) rapped from popular hip -Hop group Cypress Hill from the 90s that supported the live concert event.

Ludacris performs in front of fans at the private Jeeter Day event in Los Angeles.

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Talking about Jeeter and the importance of Jeeter Day meeting, Freese told me, “I think it’s a nice way to celebrate cannabis culture and celebrate the new introduction of its flavor drops. It’s great because if you look at what we had maybe ten, twenty years ago, no one would ever have thought it was possible.

Freese went on to say that more people and states have become more and more open to the use of cannabis products, a trend he only expects to continue as more and more high-profile individuals are expressing their joy and support for legal marijuana use. “They feel a little more comfortable when they come out of the grass closet. You will see more athletes and entertainers of all kinds supporting cannabis as we move through this emerging industry. “

Even though the cannabis business has grown and become less constrained recently, Freese still believes that there is still a path to full legalization across the country, as cannabis understands the employment and tax benefits cannabis can have on an economy. “I think the future is bright, but we need to train more people. We need to legalize this at the federal level, and I see this happening because when you see the states that have legalized recreational or medical devices in their states, you see economic growth in those places and it is undeniable . It’s one of the best sources of income out there. It is the harvest, as you have always said, and it would be ridiculous not to implement legalization at the federal level. “

With the cannabis world looking to greener pastures with great hopes for the near future, Jeeter’s Tracz ended our conversation knowing what his company is currently doing and where Jeeter wants to achieve in the next five years. “Well, Jeeter is number one pre-roll in the United States today, and in five years I want Jeeter to be number one in the world.”

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