Hydrofarm acquires House & Garden and expands its plant nutrient lines

Hydrofarm announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire House & Garden, Inc., Humboldt Wholesale, Inc., Allied Imports & Logistics, Inc., and South Coast Horticultural Supply, Inc., collectively known as House & Garden.

This announcement follows the recent takeover of the nutrient manufacturer HEAVY 16 by Hydrofarm.

“House & Garden offers a strong line of phytonutrients that will strengthen our position in the nutrient sector and complement our rapidly growing portfolio of premium products for controlled agriculture,” said Bill Toler, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hydrofarm. “House & Garden’s extensive sales network in nearly 40 states and ten countries offers us a tremendous opportunity to expand our global reach and market penetration.”

Under the terms of the Transaction Agreement, House & Garden will become a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of Hydrofarm Holdings Group, Inc.

“We admire Hydrofarm’s deep roots as a leader in the hydroponics industry,” says Steven Muller, Founder of House & Garden. “We share the vision for a greener, more prosperous, and more sustainable future as we capitalize on this crucial moment for indoor plant growing, fueled by consumer behavior and changing legal tailwinds in markets across the country.”

This acquisition continues Hydrofarm’s strategic efforts to acquire branded products in key product categories of the controlled environment. The strategic combination of Hydrofarm’s leading sales platform with the House & Garden and Mad Farmer brands is intended to drive the further growth of the combined company’s global customer base. Hydrofarm expects House & Garden to have net sales of approximately $ 55 million for the full calendar year 2021.

The range of House & Garden brands, including the popular Root Excelurator additives and the Mad Farmer brand, will be the second and third private label this year to be added to the Hydrofarm product portfolio through takeover.

Hydrofarm intends to further expand its range of proprietary branded products in the lighting, air conditioning, nutrients and growing media categories through acquisitions and internal innovations.


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