Hydroponics Market by Type, Plant Species, Equipment, Input

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Smart greenhouses offer different types of covering materials such as glass or plastic roofs and often glass or plastic walls.

It is an emerging application with high growth potential that uses multiple technologies such as HVAC systems, LED grow lights, communications technology, irrigation systems, material handling, valves and pumps, and control systems. LED grow lights and HVAC are the major shareholders in the smart greenhouse market.

The growing population and increasing demand for food in developing regions such as the Asia-Pacific region is fueling the growth of the smart greenhouse market. The need for fresh food in the Middle East creates an opportunity for urban agriculture in the region.

The increasing trend towards roof farming and the growing population are two important drivers for the market.

By Type, it is predicted that the Liquid Sub-Type will have the largest market share in the Hydroponic Systems market over the forecast period.
Fluid systems are closed systems by their nature; the plant roots are exposed to the nutrient solution without any kind of growth medium, and the solution is recirculated and reused. Therefore, these systems are most preferred for crop production in developed countries and have enormous growth potential in the future.

In addition, systems such as DWC and NFT were investigated for use in hybrid agriculture that combine aquaculture with hydroponics.

By equipment, the LED Grow Lights subtype is expected to be the fastest growing segment in the Hydroponic Systems market during the forecast period.
The spectrum of light emitted by LED lights has been shown to be effective in stimulating plant growth and is increasingly in demand by hydroponic growers. Plants like tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, kale, strawberries, peppers, beets and other vegetables can be grown with LED grow lights.

The increasing acceptance and demand for LED grow lights has resulted in older and inefficient halogen devices being banned in the European Union from September 2018. These factors are expected to continue to drive demand for LED grow lights.

Once entered, the Nutrients subsegment is predicted to dominate the Hydroponic Input market during the forecast period.
Nutrients are used in both aggregate and liquid hydroponic systems. Different types of nutrients are required for the formulation of nutrient solutions.

Nitrogen and potassium are the two most important nutrients needed for healthy plant growth, with the plants needing more nitrogen. Additionally, the growing focus of breeders on growing plants is driving the market growth for potassium-based nutrients in hydroponics.

By plant species, the vegetables sub-segment is expected to dominate the hydroponic plant market during the forecast period.
Vegetables grown with hydroponics are known to grow faster and stronger compared to traditional agriculture because the right nutrients are delivered directly to the roots of the plant. The requirements for growing vegetables indoors in a hydroponic unit can be met with the help of grow lights and air ventilation and circulatory systems as well as the right nutrients for the water.

Plants grown hydroponically are known to retain their full nutritional value and are on par or in certain cases superior to conventionally grown vegetables. The growing demand for fresh vegetables in both developed and developing countries is driving the vegetable segment in the hydroponic market.

Division of the area codes
• By type of company: Tier 20%, Tier 2 – 40% and Tier – 40%
• According to the designation: C-Level – 30%, D-Level – 20% and others * – 50%
• By region: America – 20%, Europe – 40%, Asia-Pacific – 30%, Rest of the World (RoW) ** – 10%.
* Others are sales managers, marketing managers, system builders product managers, and hydroponic growers.
** RoW includes South Africa, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the rest of the world.

Leading players featured in this review
• Signify Holdings (Netherlands)
• Heliospectra AB (Sweden)
• Scotts Miracle Gro (USA)
• Argus control systems (Canada)
• Logiqs BV (Netherlands)
• Lumigrow (USA)
• Hydroponic System International (Spain)
• Hydrodynamics International (USA)
• American hydroponics (USA)
• Advanced Nutrients (USA)
• Emrald Harvest (USA)
• Vitalink (Great Britain)
• Rough (USA)
• Flight operations (USA)
• Terra Tech Corp (USA)
• Triton Foodworks Pvt Ltd (India)
• Goods farms (USA)
• Green Sense Farms (USA)
• Emirates Hydroponic Farms (Dubai)
• Gotham Greens (USA)
• Wonder of nature (India)
• Light farms (USA)
• SproutsIO (USA)
• InFarm (Germany)
• Badia farms (Dubai)

Research coverage
This report segments the Hydroponics Market by Type, Equipment, Inputs and Plant Species and Region. In terms of insights, this research report focuses on various levels of analysis – competitive landscape, end-use analysis, and company profiles – which together encompass and discuss the fundamental views of the emerging and high-growth segments of the Hydroponics Market -growth regions, countries, government initiatives, market disruptions, drivers, restraints, Opportunities and challenges.

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