Local farmers are connecting backyard gardeners to soil health with the launch of ReWild Garden Seed, a blend of regenerative catch crop seeds straight from the farm to help heal the garden soil.

CRYSTAL CITY, Manitoba, May 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Founded by a group of regenerative farmers and soil health advocates from Manitoba, ReWild Garden Seed is dedicated to connecting gardeners with soil health. ReWild Garden Seed, owned by the agricultural seed company Covers & Co., was officially launched in the spring of 2021, offering an alternative to fertilizers for backyard farmers looking to improve the health of their soil.

“We like to say healthy soil, healthy garden, healthy people,” says Joseph Gardiner, co-founder of Covers & Co. and ReWild Garden Seed. “When we started regenerative farming on my family farm, we turned to catch crops to replace our dependence on fertilizers, but it has grown. It’s about restoring and respecting the balance of nature. We designed our Spring Fling Cover Crop blend to recognize that gardeners are farmers too, and when we care for our soil, we not only grow healthier, tastier foods, but we care for our planet and each other.

Spring Fling Cover plant mix
ReWild Garden Seed’s flagship garden mix, Spring Fling Cover Crop, features a blend of annual grasses, deciduous leaves, and nitrogen-fixing legumes. It helps reduce weeds and acts like green manure, can also eliminate fertilizer consumption by naturally adding organic matter to the soil. Rotating Spring Fling through a garden annually stimulates soil biology and increases the variety of flowering plants that provide valuable nourishment for bees, butterflies, and other beneficial pollinators.

Spring Fling Cover Crop garden mix is ​​now available in seven garden centers across Manitoba: Alternative Choice Garden Center, Morden Nurseries, Pilot Mound Home Hardware, Schott Ranch Greenhouse and Market, The Green Spot Home and Garden, Vervain Greenhouse, and online and in-store at T&T Seeds.

About ReWild Garden Seed:
ReWild Garden Seed connects gardeners with soil health. Founded by the agricultural seed company Covers & Co., ReWild Garden Seed is owned and operated by regenerative farmers, soil health advocates, and home gardeners from the Canadian prairies. Their flagship seed mix, Spring Fling Cover Crop, is designed to feed the soil – restore nutrients, reduce weeds, and eliminate fertilizer use – for a healthier garden. The Spring Fling Cover Crop mix contains 15 different types of plants, including annual grasses, deciduous leaves, and nitrogen-fixing legumes. Learn more about how ReWild Garden Seed brings garden soil back to life: rewildgardenseed.com

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