The top signs that your neighbor might be growing cannabis

The police have given advice on how to tell if one of your neighbors is growing cannabis.

Their leads came after officials found 120 plants after a major house fire in Harwill Crescent, Aspley, on September 18 – neighbors had to be evacuated.

PC Jonathan Stubbings of Nottinghamshire Police asked people to be vigilant and gave them the following things to look out for:

  • Residents of properties who have moved in within the last year or two who are barely seen – homes that seem to have someone present who never leaves.
  • Intermittent cannabis smells emanate from the property, often coming and going for a week or two, and are often strongest in the loft area.
  • Noise from fans or a constant humming noise from the property, often heard most strongly in the loft area
  • Makeshift wiring or home electrical work on the outside of the property.

PC Stubbings said, “Drug production can also be correlated with more serious organized crime, so perpetrators not only pose a security risk but also cause greater harm to communities.

“That’s why we take it very seriously and work proactively through our Operation Reacher teams and proactive neighborhood police to identify and intercept them.

“We ask people to look out for any number of signs that might suggest cannabis is being grown and report them if they suspect it is happening.”

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After the officers were called to Harwill Crescent, it was found that the electricity meter had been bypassed.

The most likely cause of the fire later turned out to be that the contents of the roof area were destroyed and two residential buildings were severely damaged.

No one was injured in the incident.

Area Manager Bryn Coleman of the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service added, “This incident shows that improper use of electrical systems or lighting can have devastating consequences for your home and the surrounding neighbors. Can cause great damage and even death.

“Six devices responded to this incident and the rapid intervention of our fire fighters on site prevented this fire from getting worse than it was.”

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