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This is how you create healthy soil for a happier garden in Ipswich

What are the most common materials that are mistakenly added to compost?

The question really should be, “Which materials are most often mistakenly omitted from compost?” Anything organic that once lived can be composted. These include egg shells, onion peel, orange peel, and bones. This includes cotton socks and underwear, paper towels, shredded paper and disposable bamboo plates – the list is surprisingly long.

Some take longer to decompose than others, so the method of composting may vary, but they can all be put in the regular black compost bin.

The most important thing to leave out of is plastic – always remove the old vegetables from the bottom of your fridge from the plastic bag before adding them to the compost.

Lastly, what’s the best way to make DIY fertilizer?

With good soils you hardly need any fertilizer. Feed the soil, and the soil will feed the plants. When your plants need good forage, give them some compost over the soil.

We can all use a little boost, however, and a very effective way of giving plants a quick boost is by giving them liquid feed.

This can be easily made at home with the weeds you pulled from the garden. Weeds are skilled at extracting minerals from the soil that other plants cannot access. By turning them into a liquid fertilizer, you are giving your plants the mineral boost they need.

Healthy Floors with Kate Wall – Queens Park Environmental Education Center
Saturday 20th November

Admission is free, but registration is essential – follow the links to secure your place.

For more information and to register for Sustainable Ipswich Month events, visit

Sustainable Ipswich Month is provided through the support of the following partners:
Ipswich Libraries, the Council’s Habitat Gardens program, Ipswich Waste Services, Ipswich Nurseries, the Council’s Active Kids program, and the Flea Market.

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