Triangle Farms establishes more hydroponic farms

It currently operates on approximately 32 hectares with a greenhouse facility with a retractable roof system of 18 hectares.

Hyderabad: Triangle Farms, which has set up a hydroponic farm (cultivation without soil) in Zaheerabad, plans to set up further farms in Telangana. It currently operates on approximately 32 hectares with a greenhouse facility with a retractable roof system of 18 hectares.

“We have a land bank of about 160 acres in Zaheerabad. In Phase 2 we will try to add about 50 acres to 100 acres. We will also be open to exploring new areas in the eastern part of Hyderabad or on the Vijayawada Highway, ”said Mohan Urs, Triangle Farms Chief Operating Officer.

The company is successful in growing colored peppers. Of the 18 hectares, the retractable roof facility is 15 hectares. From this it brought 7.5 hectares of cultivation area. Another 7.5 hectares will be added shortly, Mohan said.

Technology support

“We design our own sensor systems, test them and design the necessary hardware to automate the processes. The electricity demand for agriculture will be lower. We use pressure sensors to determine the weight of the plants to know if the plants are getting the nutrition they need. We also use sensors to check the moisture levels in the roots. Then we also measure the electrical conductivity to estimate whether the nutrients are sufficient for growth or not. Many of them were standardized shortly, ”Mohan said.

The farm also has plans for autonomous vehicles for internal transportation. “Each row of plants is 112 m long. There are 280 to 300 such rows. It takes 15-20 minutes for one person to cover each row. Handling so many rows requires a lot of walking, which affects worker efficiency. We will use autonomous vehicles to transport the harvested fruits to the packaging department. The prototype will be ready in about two months and we will refine it. The setup is expected to be ready in a year, ”he said.

All the data coming in from sensors and vehicles will be used in six to eight months to create its expansion plans. The products are now being delivered to major markets in Hyderabad.

“A high dosage of pesticides in vegetables discourages exports. Because we use hydroponics, the water consumption is drastically reduced, which also lowers the pesticide use, ”said Kamal Kanchala, one of the co-founders of Triangle Farms. Around $ 5 million was invested in phase 1 of the project. There are now around 50 employees and this number will soon rise to 120.

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