What is the best soil for a vegetable garden?

Organic matter provides nutrients for garden vegetables and softens the soil so that plant roots can spread more easily. This softening effect also makes the soil more spongy and can hold back water more easily. Most fertilizers provide this organic matter, but compost is usually the best choice. Real compost, that is, compost grown with the right amount of nitrogen and carbon rich ingredients, is a boon for garden vegetable soil.

The best part is that making compost at home is easy and environmentally friendly. It doesn’t cost you anything, except maybe space and a few extra minutes of time per week. The best compost contains five elements. The first is an assortment of shades of brown or high carbon things like dry grass, newspaper, and leaves. The second is vegetables like scraps of vegetables, coffee grounds, and eggshells. It then takes some moisture, ventilation, and time to support the aerobic bacteria to grow.

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