15 garden center delivery options in Toronto for all of your flooring needs

The supply of garden centers in Toronto for soil and other essentials is vital right now as the spring planting season begins. If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space in Toronto with a few extra hours to spare, now may be time to take up a new hobby or start the project you’ve always wanted to tackle.

Here are some garden centers that supply soil and other essential goods in Toronto.

Fiesta farms

This reliable garden center is where you can get your seedling trays, potting soil, gravel and many other supplies.

East End Garden Center

Pay with your credit card by phone to order supplies such as fertilizer, soil and containers at this center.

Sheridan Nurseries

Get lots of gardening supplies like potting soil, soil, and mulch for your home from this store.

Book kindergarten

This place uses a tiered fee for the delivery of its garden supplies starting at $ 10.

Davenport Garden Center

The delivery of soil, fertilizer, tools and organic garden supplies takes place in this garden center.

Greenhouse to the garden

This online garden center service provides you with soil, cultivation mixes and other supplies.

Paramount Nursery

This nursery provides fertilizer and plenty of plants, and offers free shipping on orders over $ 100.

Anga’s farm

Call this local nursery to deliver soil, mulch, gravel, and more.

Van Beeks

This landscaping utility company, which has existed for decades, offers convenient ground delivery.

Terra greenhouses

Mulch, mix, other supplies and lots of plants can be supplied at this online shop.

Canadian tire

This large store supplies fertilizer, pots, planters, and other lawn care products.


Hoses, fertilizer, soil, pest control products and much more can be supplied by this large grocery chain.

Home Depot

Gardening tools, floors, weed control products, plant care products and everything else you need to make your garden your oasis can all be supplied by this hardware chain.


This store can supply mulch, soil and many other lawn and garden maintenance products.


Lots of tools, mulch, soil, stones, stones, garden decor, and other supplies can be delivered to your home at this store.

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