AeroGarden Harvest – GIFTS an indoor garden with advanced LED grow lights |

This year, give away fresh herbs and vegetables from “local cultivation” for health and sustainability.

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is the future of nutrition in America and around the world. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential impact of the Omicron variant on the U.S. food supply chain, it’s time to start growing at least some of your food right at home this winter. Indoor gardens and farming are easier than ever today thanks to advances in light emitting diode (LED) technology. A grow light for indoor horticulture and a kit like this will help you and your family produce fresh herbs and vegetables and reduce the environmental impact of longer distances from the farm to the table.

Our GREENandSAVE staff have reviewed the indoor farming options on the market and this offering from AeroGarden is one of the most affordable indoor gardening technologies for home use on the market. It also reduces the cost of the holidays.

AeroGarden Harvest – indoor garden with LED grow light

List price: $ 149.95

Holiday Discount: Price: $ 89.99

You save: $ 59.96 (39%)


  • INCLUDES GOURMET HERB SEED KIT (6-POD) – Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint & a 3-ounce bottle of our patented, all-natural plant nutrients (enough for a full growing season).
  • ALWAYS HOMEMADE: FRESH & SAFE – With this indoor garden, up to 6 plants can grow at the same time, up to 12 inches tall. Grows in water – no soil, no mess, just made.
  • EASY TO USE (GROW) – The control panel tells you when to add water, reminds you to add plant food (included), automatically turns the lights on and off for your indoor herb garden
  • 5X FASTER THAN SOIL – The powerful 20 watt, highly efficient LED lighting system in your herb garden is tailored to the specific needs of plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in fast, natural growth and abundant harvests.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR EVERYONE – Give away fresh herbs and vegetables all year round in this indoor herb garden. The AeroGarden Harvest is the perfect gift idea for men, women, dad, mom, grandma, any friend or family member. Always fresh, always regional, always in season.

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