Anuvia Plant Nutrients and Novozymes Announce Partnership –

IARN – Anuvia Plant Nutrients and Novozymes have partnered to develop a range of combined biotechnologies that will reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers in commercial agriculture.

According to Hugh MacGillivray, CCO of Anuvia Plant Nutrients, the resulting products, which could be available as early as next year, mean farmers need less synthetic fertilizer per hectare while getting equivalent or better crop performance and the environmental impact of lower nutrient loss and greenhouse gas emissions . There are no additional costs for the grower, and no changes to current cultivation methods are required.

“This relationship we have forged with Novozymes,” said MacGillivray, “is designed to bring Anuvia technology – a bio-based diet that offers the grower nutritional efficiency and some yield benefits – along with Novozymes’ advanced microbial technologies to bring nutrition with different mechanisms than we are used to from synthetic food. It’s about changing the way we feed plants with nutrients, in a more efficient way than in the past. “

Anuvia press release said the companies will work together to identify additional microbes and enzymes that could improve the nutrient efficiency of plants and advocate innovations in nutritional efficiency and plant health.

According to MacGillivray, the partnership will see several generations of the new technology. The first generation is expected to add up to 10 units of phosphorus. Subsequent generations will aim to replace additional units of macro and micronutrients such as N, P and K.

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Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.

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