Argentinians caught growing cannabis

Police confiscated 108 cannabis plants growing in a townhouse in the Muang district of Samut Prakan on Monday and arrested the 35-year-old Argentine tenant. (Photo: Sutthiwit Chayutworakan)

SAMUT PRAKAN: An Argentine was arrested and charged with growing cannabis after 108 plants were found in his townhouse in Muang district.

Police with an arrest warrant issued by the Samut Prakan Court ransacked the two-story house in the Fuengfa housing estate on Monday and acted on a lead.

They found 108 cannabis plants, each around 1.5 meters high, growing in pots in the garden.

The tenant Sagas Nur (35) from Argentina was arrested for questioning at the police station in Bangpu.

During interrogation, Mr Nur allegedly admitted growing the plants to make cannabis oil.

He had rented the house four months ago and bought seeds online. His Thai girlfriend has tied the floor and other equipment.

He had planted two previous crops, but the quality was too poor to make cannabis oil, police said.

The third time the quality was good enough, but the police arrived before he harvested the harvest.

The police initially charged him with the manufacture and possession of a Category 5 narcotic drug in his possession. He was taken into custody for legal action.

Police with cannabis growing in pots in a town house rented by an Argentine in the Muang district Samut Prakan. (Photo: Sutthiwit Chayutworakan)

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