Dakota Gardener: Fall is a great time to test your garden soil | news

“Don’t call it dirt! Dirt is what haunts you into the house. Soil is the proper name of the material that anchors and holds water and nutrients for plants, ”insisted my soil professor during my studies.

The floor has finally earned our respect and a real name. We have come a long way since the Dust Bowl of the 1930s realizing how precious and incredibly complex earth is. We still have a lot to learn, however. Pinterest gardeners regularly consider it trendy to “improve” their soil by adding lots of organic material, fertilizers or dubious additives such as Epsom salt.

Does your garden soil really need all of these additives? This is like a chef adding salt to the soup without tasting it. You need a baseline before making any adjustments. Soil tests are the foundation you need before adding any fertilizer, fertilizer, or any other component.

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