Global Vertical Farming Market Trends & Forecasts to 2026: Hydroponics Growth Mechanism and Building-Based Vertical Farm Segments To Hold Largest Market Share In Asia Pacific In 2026 –

DUBLIN – (BUSINESS WIRE) – The “Vertical Agriculture Market with COVID-19 Impact Analysis by Growth Mechanism (Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics), Structure (Building-Based Vertical Farm and Shipping Container-Based Vertical Farm), Plant Species, Supply, and Region – Worldwide report” Forecast to 2026 “was made added to to offer.

The vertical farming market is expected to grow from $ 3.1 billion in 2021 to $ 9.7 billion by 2026; It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25.0% over the forecast period.

Major driving factors for the growth of the vertical farming market include high yields associated with vertical farming versus conventional farming, year-round crop production regardless of weather conditions, advances in light emitting diode (LED) technology, and the need for minimal resources.

Hydroponics Growth Mechanism segment will dominate the vertical agriculture market during the forecast period

The hydroponic growth mechanism is used extensively by commercial growers. It’s easier to set up, costs less than other mechanisms, and has a higher return on investment (ROI). When comparing the investments required to build a hydroponics and aeroponics facility of the same size, aeroponics requires a higher initial investment. In addition, the hydroponic mechanism recycles the maximum amount of water with minimal waste, making it the most water efficient growing method. In addition, the amount of nutrients to be supplied to the plants can be effectively controlled, which enables control over the growth process and factors such as the growth rate and the size of the plants. In addition, in the hydroponics mechanism, the plants can survive for a long time in the event of a power failure, as the growth medium continues to provide water and nutrients, unlike aeroponics, in which the plants are malfunctioning or. Failure of mist spray nozzles can die within a few hours.

Most commonly, lettuce is grown in various vertical farms

Lettuce is grown on a large scale in vertical farming. It’s quick and easy to grow, has steady year-round demand, and comes in a variety of varieties so farmers can switch products without having to switch to a whole new crop. The demand for nutritious and organic vegetables has also risen sharply in recent years due to the growing health awareness of consumers. Consumers are increasingly paying attention to healthy aging and taking various measures to prevent diet-related diseases. In addition, organic food not only satisfies hunger, but is also an essential source of nutrients. They prevent diet-related diseases and improve physical and mental well-being.

Increasing the number of vertical farms and business partnerships are helping promote vertical farming in the United States

The US is expected to be the country-level leader in North America as the market leaders or major players in vertical farming are headquartered in the country. In addition, due to the continued demand for agricultural products, the country is a potential market for agriculture. The growth of the country’s vertical agricultural market is largely driven by the need for sustainable farms that reduce the negative impact on the environment. In contrast to the complicated supply chain of conventional agriculture which affects the harvesting, processing and transportation activities in the market, vertical indoor farming in urban areas reduces the transportation from farm to consumer, thus providing a solution for the inefficient supply chain . Producing fresh greens and vegetables near urban areas could help meet growing food needs in an environmentally sound and sustainable way by reducing the number of units involved in the distribution chain, providing more nutritious products, and drastically reducing water use and runoff will.

Premium insights

  • Increase investments and partnerships between farms and technology providers that will fuel the growth of the vertical agriculture market

  • Hydroponic growth mechanism and building-based vertical farm segments hold the largest market shares in Asia Pacific in 2026

  • Lighting segment will dominate the market during the forecast period

  • China has the highest CAGR in the vertical agriculture market during the forecast period

Market dynamics


  • High yields in connection with vertical agriculture compared to conventional agriculture

  • Advances in Light Emitting Diode (Led) technology

  • Year-round plant production regardless of weather conditions

  • Requirement of minimum resources


  • Lack of technically skilled workers and limited plant species

  • High start-up costs


  • Reduced environmental impact from agriculture through the introduction of vertical farming

  • Potential market opportunities in Asia Pacific and the Middle East

  • Cannabis cultivation through vertical farming


  • Maintaining temperature, humidity, and air circulation in a vertical farm

  • Vertical farming on a grand scale

Company profiles

  • 4D Bios Inc.

  • Flight operations

  • Agricool

  • Agriculture

  • Higher courts

  • American hydroponics

  • Bowery farming

  • Light farms

  • Everlight electronics

  • Goods farms

  • Future plants

  • Green mind farms

  • Growpod solutions

  • Heliospectra Ab

  • in the farm

  • Smart growth solutions

  • Osram

  • A lot

  • Sananbio

  • Mean

  • Sky green

  • Spread

  • Swegreen

  • Urban Crop Solutions

  • Valoya

  • Vertical farm systems

  • Vertical Future Ltd

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