How to tell if one of your neighbors is growing cannabis

Does any of your neighbors have frequent visitors, darkened windows, and large amounts of compost outside? If so, they may be running a drug den.

Independent charity Crimestoppers has launched a campaign to raise awareness about residential properties used by criminals to grow cannabis.

Working with specialized police forces, Crimestoppers tries to identify these traits, which are often secured by agents of serious organized crime gangs growing marijuana.

Key signs that a property is being used to grow drugs:

• A powerful, sweet, sickly aroma

• Frequent visitors during the day and night

• Darkened windows

• Bright light during the night

• Birds gather on the roof, especially in cold weather

• In winter, the snow on the roof melts unusually quickly

• High condensation on windows

• Noise from fans

• Large amounts of rubbish, including compost bags

• Electric meters are tampered with / changed and new cables, sometimes resulting in street lighting.

Information signs for the rental of realtors and landlords with a tenant:

• Bad or no references from a previous landlord

• Offer to pay several months in advance

• Preferring cash payments for no good reason

• You want to keep utility bills on behalf of a landlord

• Ask for complete privacy, do not request periodic inspections, or prevent the property from being inspected, even with reasonable notice

• Changing locks to keep landlords and agents out of a property.

Phil Breckon, Regional Manager for Crimestoppers in the East, said: “Homes where cannabis is grown commercially carry many risks, such as: B. An increased risk of fire from dangerously wired and rerouted power supplies that are often connected to water supplies and sophisticated feeding systems.

“Unfortunately, many properties, often inadvertently rented to criminals for drug cultivation, can remain completely destroyed and uninhabitable, with moisture and condensation problems, carpets torn out and walls torn down. We encourage the public to keep their eyes peeled and report suspicious signs to our charity 100 percent anonymously. ”

He added, “We value safe communities and for over 32 years have kept our promise of anonymity to anyone who contacts us. Call anytime on 0800 555 111 or use our anonymous online form at We cannot track calls or get IP addresses. Even we will not know your identity if you contact us to disclose important information. ”

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