“Hydroponic Systems Can Improve Barbados Food Security”

One of Barbados’ newest entrepreneurs is on a mission to crack the island’s massive food import bill and help improve food security. By using new and innovative technologies, Candyse Griffith aims to help Barbadians eat more locally grown fruits and vegetables.

In May of this year, the 35-year-old St. Michael resident founded GreenGrub Barbados, a tech-savvy dropshipping shop for indoor and outdoor gardening supplies. GreenGrub Barbados specializes in hydroponic systems and technologically enhanced hydroponic greenhouses. There is also an advisory service.

Griffith said that while she wanted the systems in place in every school across the country to teach children more about farming using modern technology, she also wanted to see one in most households on the island. She said there has been a great deal of interest among people so far in the systems that are becoming increasingly popular around the world. “You can grow anything with these systems. Anything you can think of, even strawberries and flowers. So there are a number of industries they can be used in, ”she said, adding that some of the structures were built to withstand a category five hurricane.

“I would like the residents to grow their own food to help them with the rising food prices. We import so many different things, but having some things to do in your house will help with prices due to the falling demand for these items. “

Griffith works with a corporate consultant in the United States who researches advances in hydroponics. She is the agent for three companies, two innovative indoor and outdoor gardening supply stores and the other supplier of hydroponic farm stands. The systems grow plants completely organically and do not require the use of pesticides or herbicides. Pointed out that many schools around the world are using these type of systems to help students learn how to grow crops, Griffith said she has already reached out to the Department of Education in hopes of seeing them in schools in Barbados to be set up.

“This will help kids understand the importance of growing their own organic food, how to grow it scientifically with technology, and it can also teach secondary school students how to build their own systems. We need to get into the advances in the smart farming industry, ”she said.

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