Mann was caught growing cannabis at home twice in seven months

Fine: A man who was caught twice growing cannabis at his home in Tatura has come on trial. Photo by Getty Images

A man who was caught growing cannabis on his Tatura property twice within seven months was fined $ 1,500.

Matthew Reid Broadbent, 42, of Tatura, pleaded guilty to two narcotic cultivation and bail offenses.

Senior prosecutor Deryn Boats said police found five three-foot-tall cannabis plants growing in Broadbent’s backyard when they went to his home on Feb.25 for an independent investigation.

He told the police that the plants were about three months old at the time and that he hoped to be able to harvest them in another three months.

Boats in command of Sen Constable said Broadbent had told police that cannabis was for personal use and that he had medicated himself for mental health.

The prosecutor also told the court that on another occasion on Sept. 20, police found eight mature cannabis plants about five feet high in Broadbent’s backyard.

The court was told that he also had a hydroponic facility in his shed with five full-grown cannabis plants about 80 cm high.

The police also confiscated about 20 grams of dried cannabis.

When interviewed by the police, Broadbent told them that he was using the cannabis “every day for medical reasons,” Leading Sen Constable Boats said.

He told police he grew the cannabis for his own use “so he wouldn’t have to spend the money to buy it,” the senior Sen Constable told Boats.

Broadbent attorney Emma Gray said her client, who works as a construction worker, has used cannabis to treat conditions such as attention deficit disorder.

“It slows him to function in society and slows employment,” said Ms. Gray.

She said Broadbent had seen a psychiatrist in the past and tried drugs for his ailments, but found them not to be effective.

Broadbent told the judge why he decided to grow cannabis.

“I saw no point in giving money to a dealer. I could use the money for my own family, ”he said.

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