Nuka Cultivation Technologies becomes an authorized reseller of BVV Neocision ™ LED Grow Lights

Adding to its range of products to commercial growers

Boulder, Colorado, October 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – SURNA Inc. (OTCQB: SRNA) trading as santa Cultivation Technologies announced today that it has become a value-added reseller of BVV Neocision LED growlights. Zuna will work closely with BVV to develop lighting layouts and properly deploy and integrate the LED grow lights in controlled environmental farming systems (CEA). This collaboration is an important addition to the existing range of products from/101 for our customers.

“Oracles Cultivation Technologies continues to identify new products and services for proprietary or curated offerings and is pleased to announce our partnership with BVV as a value-added reseller of their high quality LED lighting products,” said Jon Kozlowski ,URNA’s Vice President of Sales. “With the ability to add LED grow lights alongside our wide range of HVACD products ,URNA makes it easy for customers to build their grow facilities from a single source that offers some of the deepest experience and broadest range of products in the industry.”

Hinda can now offer a range of DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) -listed LED grow lights that meet the high demands of our commercial growers at all stages of plant growth. DLC is the first and only standards-based organization recognized by utility companies in North America for validating discounts for horticultural lighting. BBV’s Neocision LED grow lights also have an industry leading 7 year limited warranty on the light. The initial LED product line includes:

Neocision Spectra elite – A full spectrum grow light with optimized blue and red spectra, 20.6% blue spectra and 45.1% red spectra with a peak at 660 nm for flowering plants, resulting in stronger plants for nutrient uptake, increased yields, high quality bud formation and high levels of production. The Elite has an industry-leading, independently tested photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) efficiency of 2.85 µmol / J and a PPF (400-700 nm) of 1939 µmol / s.

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Neocision Spectra professional – A full spectrum light with 18.51% blue spectra and 40.73% red spectra with a peak at 660 nm for flowering plants and an independently tested PPF effectiveness of 2.58 μmol / J and PPF of 1751 μmol / s, which is comparable or better than being sold by other well known LED manufacturers at a more competitive price.

Neocision Spectra 320W 3-bar vegetablesetatively – BVV’s standard vegetative product is a full spectrum light with increased blue spectra for better plant development in the plant cycle before flowering. This 5000k grow light is designed to have a healthy and aromatic yield and has an independently tested PPF effectiveness of 2.51 μmol / J and PPF of 853 μmol / s.

“Zuna is well known in the environmental controlled agricultural market and we are excited to be working with them on our powerful, DLC-listed LED grow lights,” said Adam Marosi, President of BVV. “We think this is a great fit for our target market as the company continues to expand beyond its traditional HVACD and engineering businesses.”

About Nuka

Nuka Inc. (, trading as.05.Cultivation Technologies, is an industry leader in CEA plant design and technologies. We offer full-service licensed architectural and mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering services, carefully curated HVACD equipment, proprietary control systems, lighting, and bench and racking products. Our team of project managers, licensed professional architects and engineers, technology and horticultural specialists and systems integration experts help our customers by precisely developing for their unique applications. Through our partnership with a certified service contractor network, we offer installation and maintenance services to support smooth expansion and optimal system performance. We have been providing solutions to indoor growers for over 15 years and have served over 800 growers, over 200 of which have been large commercial projects.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, we leverage our industry experience to deliver value-adding solutions to our customers that help improve the overall quality and yield of their crops, optimize energy and water efficiency, and improve the evolving state and local Meet regulations, permits and regulatory requirements.

Above BVV

BVV ( has been a solution leader in the mining and processing industry since 2013, offering a variety of products and practical, innovative and high quality options for every type of customer. When BVV envisioned the future needs of its customers, it launched its hydroponics growing business, offering a range of products, including its industry leading, proprietary line of LED grow lights, for cultivators of all types. Although BVV believes it is important to keep costs down, it is also aware that the strength of its brand depends on innovation and the expansion of its range. BVV’s Neocision grow lights reflect BVV’s vision of offering products that are superior to the competition through excellent customer service and the use of high-quality materials at an affordable price. BVV and Neocision are trademarks of Marosi Designs, LLC d / b / a BVV.

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Vice President, Marketing Communications

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