Permission to import plant nutrients and agrochemicals for crops

The Ministry of Agriculture announced that the importation of phytonutrients and agrochemicals for rice, corn vegetables and other crops has been approved for the Maha season.

Ministry Secretary Prof. Udith K. Jayasinghe explained that during the Maha season most of the agricultural activities are carried out especially for crops such as rice, corn, vegetables and the export-oriented crops such as tea, coconut and tubers.

He stated that their first step is to achieve the recommended maximum grow size of these crops and ensure food security, and that they are in line with government policy in this regard.

Prof. Jayasinghe said that under the supervision of the Director of Agriculture and the Committee, it will be decided what amounts are required and that the government has empowered them to act scientifically to the extent necessary.

He said the director of agriculture would make recommendations through the committee on what fertilizers and agrochemicals to import.

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