Valoya launches two new greenhouse LED grow lights

HELSINKI, September 18, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Valoya, the research-focused manufacturer of LED grow lights for horticulture, has added two new models to its line of RX-Series greenhouse LEDs – the RX500 and RX600. The new models are more powerful versions of the existing RX400 model with higher efficiency and can be used as true 1-to-1 HPS replacement parts. The RX500 and RX600 generate even light output of up to 1700 µmol / s. They are designed to be robust and compact and only create minimal shading over the canopy. With a degree of protection of IP65 (wet location), these lights are completely dust-tight and can be sprayed with water jets from any direction. Due to the high light intensity, they can be positioned up to 4 meters above the canopy.

Valoya’s LED technology is proprietary and a great deal of effort has gone into developing LED lights that are long lasting and maintain the same spectrum of light throughout their life. The RX500 and RX600 typically last 50,000 hours, with the intensity dropping to 90% after about 36,000 hours. The spectrum decreases evenly to ensure the grower gets the same crop performance and doesn’t need to change the growing protocol over time.

In the transition from HPS to LED, growers need to quickly develop new growth protocols. Here, Valoya’s team of biologists will provide support and expertise on the basis of over 600 plant tests carried out over more than 10 years. This means that after the LED upgrade, growers are ready to go and can see improvements in their crop performance immediately afterwards.

The new models are available with most of Valoya’s patented spectra such as SolrayÒ (replication of sunlight) and AP673L (vegetative growth). All Valoya spectra can be used as the sole light source in non-sunlight environments as well as in conjunction with sunlight. They have been tested on over 300 plant species / varieties and we will be happy to share this data with growers so they can get the most out of their plants. RX500 and RX600 are high-performance greenhouse lights designed for high and even light output over a day for a long time. Combined with Valoya’s patented spectra and the support of a team of photobiologists, the RX series is the way to upgrade to LEDs in your greenhouse.

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About Valoya

Valoya is a supplier of high-quality, energy-efficient LED grow lights for use in the fields of plant science, vertical agriculture and medicinal plant cultivation. Valoya LED grow lights were developed using Valoya’s proprietary LED technology and extensive research into plant photobiology. Valoya’s customers include numerous vertical farms, greenhouses and research facilities around the world (including 8 out of 10 largest agricultural companies in the world).

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